To be able to admire a curious giraffe or a playful elephant while they enjoy themselves in the water is something that doesn’t happen every day; the thought of immortalizing the action of game the whole sport season worthwhile, or a singer singing at their most passionate moment of a hit song is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime and, as a photographer, I have had the opportunity to document. The feeling of photographing those moments are indescribable.
This site is dedicated to all who are passionate about photography. I hope that the images in the following pages can give you the same emotions that happened to me while I was looking for the ideal place, right moment, and the perfect time to try to make it eternal. It has been a very pleasure to show you my years of hard work and some of my hardest shoots, no matter how long it took or how hard it was, but always done with joy and the love that this job has given me.


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